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    BBF South India is planned for 19th and 20th of November 2013

    Conference objective:

    BBF South India 2013 is addressed to Indian biogas and biomass producers, energy companies, cogeneration facilities as well as all other parties already involved or interested in the development of the sector in India. The conference is also widely promoted amongst biomass and biogas producers and technology companies and finance providers outside India, especially in China, Malaysia, USA, Canada, Germany, Austria, Sweden, Russia and Ukraine.

    If you are interested in meeting those who are interested in your technology or financing options BBF South India 2013 is not to be missed.

    Taking part in  BBF South India 2013 you will have a chance to learn about:


    Legislative issues:

    • Recent legal regulations changes pertaining to biogas and biomass market in India
    • Biogas plant and grid interconnection
    • Green certificates
    • Existing barriers in biogas market development

    Finance issues:

    • Project finance from using international and domestic funds
    • Preparation of an investment application
    • The role of banks and PPP in financing bioenergy projects in India
    • Investment risk

    Technology issues:

    • Leading biomass and biogas technologies overview
    • Novel technologies for turning organic waste into biogas
    • Biogas plants in India – successful case studies
    • Biogas upgrade options
    • Filtration and purification technologies for converting lowgrade feedstock into high quility biofuel
    • Second generation bioethanol production based on agriculture residues
    • Enzyme-based separation of waste for energy utilisation
    • Optimization of the fermentation process
    • Waste handling and pre-treatment
    • Feedstock and biomass potential in biogas production
    • Biomass gasification
    • Biogas and cogeneration
    • Grain, woody and agri biomass storage and process facilities for bioenergy production
    • Aggregates for biogas plants and cogeneration
    • Indirect co-firing of difficult biomass
    • Landfill biogas utlisation
    • Challenges in sourcing sustainable biomass
    • Bioremediation of contaminated sites

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